Hydro-Armor: a team at the service of innovation for marine propulsion

Innovation at the service of marine propulsion

The changes in the marine propulsion market and that of the Hydro-Armor company share something in common: innovation!

Thanks to the creativity of its team, innovation and the search for efficiency characterise Hydro-Armor right from when the company was founded at the end of the 60’s.

Initiated by Christian Quéré in 1968, when Hydro-Armor was created, this approach to innovation has made it possible to revolutionise the operating methods of certain professions in the maritime sector.

First with seaweed harvesting, then mussel farming and shellfish farming have been therefore benefiting, for decades, from these major innovations provided by Hydro-Armor: cranes, amphibious vessels and hydraulic thrusters… And it is now river or maritime transport vessels and work boats that are benefiting from marine propulsion designed and manufactured at Hydro-Armor.

Three key steps for marine propulsion

This change in marine propulsion equipment can be illustrated using three emblematic models of Hydro-Armor manufacturing:


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First 950 thruster (1992)

Release of the thruster equipped with a propeller drive hydraulic engine designed and manufactured by Hydro Armor, which made it possible to substantially optimise propeller efficiency.

Celeste 005 (2014)

Release of the first 4200 type thruster. New generation of hydraulic engines that can absorb up to 800 hp with a Diesel engine. Low propeller speed, without reducer, thanks to a hydraulic engine entirely designed by Hydro-Armor for the application.

ER thruster (2015)

Release of the first ER thruster. Optimised propulsion base and simplified maintenance. In light of customer interest for technical changes brought on by these new bases, these were followed in the same line by bases DR in 2017 and CR in 2018, for lower power propulsions.

All of these elements have a point in common: the innovative use of hydraulics, delivering performance, reliability and safety.

A creative team at the service of marine propulsion

In the footsteps of Christian Quéré, and followed by Franck and Thierry Quéré, the entire Hydro-Armor team is continuing this tradition of innovation by creating solutions that are as close as possible to the needs of its customers throughout the world.


Hydro-Armor is an innovative family company that designs, develops, produces and markets hydromechanical engines for maritime applications: marine propulsion and complementary equipment.

Simplicity, robustness, reliability and effectiveness… These are our reference values for our products and our personnel.

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