A zero-emission marine propulsion solution

Hydro-Armor provides zero-emission marine propulsion solution for Breton buoy tender Le Finistère

The Breton company has enabled the French government to produce the first zero-emission buoy tender.

This hybrid vessel, equipped with 2 pods 4200, a bow thruster 800 and a marine crane 22 T/m, supplied by Hydro-Armor, can operate in 100% electric mode thanks to the use of 2 electro-hydraulic power plants supplied from batteries that can be recharged at dockside.

The first zero-emission marine-powered buoy tender

This revolution allows the vessel to sail for 30 minutes at 5 knots, thanks to its 117 kWh batteries. Its 100% electric operation will come in handy when maneuvering in harbors or protected coastal areas – of which there are many in Finistère.

The new Lighthouses and Beacons vessel will monitor and maintain over 350 maritime signalling points. It will play an essential role in signalling and marking sea lanes, ensuring the safety of ships and crews.

Hydro-Armor at the forefront of more sustainable, environmentally-friendly marine practices

Based in Brest, and christened by the French Secretary of State for the Sea, “Le Finistère” is proof that Hydro-Armor is at the forefront of the transition to more sustainable, environmentally-friendly maritime practices.

The company is proud to have participated in the design of the “Le Finistère” buoy tender, embodying its commitment to promoting renewable energies.

Hydro-Armor is demonstrating its commitment to innovation and sustainable development with this major step forward, marking an important milestone in the evolution of cleaner, more efficient maritime practices in Brittany and France.

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