Hydrodynamic efficiency

  • Propeller with very good efficiency (propeller diameter / bulb ratio)
  • Maximum torque available over the entire speed range
  • Adjustable propeller immersion


  • Combined 360° orientation
  • Virtually instantaneous reversal of the propeller’s direction of rotation
  • Counter-rotating propellers as standard (maneuverability and efficiency)

Cost - Performance ratio

  • Use of standard and mass-produced components
  • Easy maintenance without special tools
  • Possible intervention in the water

Installation and design

  • Easy integration for the naval architect
  • Simplified hull shape and design
  • Easier integration for the shipyard
  • Multi-purpose hydraulic power plant

Respect for the environment

  • Biodegradable oils
  • Noise level to standards
  • Engine operation at maximum torque reducing power consumption and pollution

Control system

  • Ergonomic multi-function joystick with touch screen, calculator and CAN link
  • Possibility of mechanical control without electronics, easy to use

Benefits of Hydro-Armor Marine Propulsion

Hydro-Armor’s marine propulsion system was first developed in the fishing industry, particularly for mussel farmers.

The testimony of Frédéric Berthelot, from Cap Moules, reminds us of the advantages of Hydro-Armor hydraulic thrusters: reliable, robust and able to adapt to difficult navigation conditions, even at low tide.

The range of hydraulic thrusters

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The range of marine thrusters designed and manufactured by Hydro-Armor extends from 30 to 600 kW in power.

The design of these thrusters, with their very streamlined silhouette and reduced bulb diameter, makes it possible to optimize the water flow to the propeller, and thus to obtain higher propeller efficiencies than those offered by the competition.

Retractable thrusters

Tiltable thrusters


Bow thrusters

Hydro-Armor’s hydraulic marine propulsion range includes liftable thrusters, tiltable thrusters, pods (in-well thrusters) and bow thrusters.

It is declined according to the power of the equipment, the most requested propellers being the following ones:

Thruster type 2000

Propeller type 2400

Thruster type 3400

Thruster type 4200

Whatever your hydraulic marine propulsion needs, Hydro-Armor can provide a solution up to 600 kW.

The thrusters can be supplied with a set of systems and solutions that can be adjusted to your needs:

control system with automation for high precision and maneuverability;

or a hydraulic control system adapted to operating conditions requiring robustness and simplicity of use;

power-pack integrated in container or to be integrated in the structure of the ship;


Quality Certification

All Hydro-Armor marine propulsion equipment can be supplied with Bureau Veritas type approval.

Environmentally friendly hydraulic design

The use of biodegradable oils

For marine propulsion and other hydraulic solutions, Hydro-Armor ensures that only certified biodegradable oils are used.

The European Ecolabel on lubricants guarantees a reduced impact on the aquatic environment and the soil during operation, with reduced CO2 emissions, a high content of recyclable raw materials and limited use of hazardous substances.

Noise reduction

Noise emissions from Hydro-Armor’s hydraulic marine thrusters comply with European Community regulations (CESNI ES-TRIN), as well as the latest Swiss regulations for inland navigation.

Hydro-Armor Marine Propulsion in Action

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