Hydro-Armor: marine propulsion for maritime transport

Hydro-Armor Hydraulic Propulsion for Marine Transportation

Hydro-Armor’s hydraulic marine propulsion equipment, including power packs, cranes, and control and automation systems, are particularly popular with marine and coastal transportation professionals.

Example on board the Quéhan, with Matthieu Le Quellec from Seaway:

The Quéhan is equipped with two 4200 thrusters and two 800 bow thrusters. Its bow thrusters give it great maneuverability, allowing for precision docking in complete safety.

The Quéhan is a ro-ro vessel of 38 meters, with a deck load of 180 tons.

It is operated on the Quiberon – Le Palais shipping line for the transport of commercial vehicles.

Thanks to Mathieu Le Quellec and the company Seaway for these beautiful pictures.

Hydro-Armor is an innovative family-owned company that designs, develops, produces and markets hydromechanical equipment for marine applications: marine propulsion and complementary equipment.

Simplicity, robustness, reliability and efficiency are our reference values for our products and our people.

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