Hydro-Armor: marine propulsion for marine works

Hydro-Armor hydraulic propulsion for marine works

Hydro-Armor hydraulic equipment, whether for marine propulsion or cranes, is used by a wide range of marine and coastal professionals.

Testimony of Pascal Lesomer of the Lighthouses and Beacons Service:

The Chef de Baie is a 27-meter buoy tender with two 3400 pods and an 18 t/m crane.

Extract from Pascal Lesomer’s testimony:

“We have a gain in maneuverability…

Today, we are very quickly in work mode and on the precise position given.

We have everything in hydraulics (…) there’s a real advantage to operating that way.”

Thanks to Pascal Lesomer and the Lighthouse and Beacon Service for this testimony.

Hydro-Armor is an innovative family-owned company that designs, develops, produces and markets hydromechanical equipment for marine applications: marine propulsion and complementary equipment.

Simplicity, robustness, reliability and efficiency are our reference values for our products and our people.

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