Propulsion & Marine Cranes

The Hydro-Armor Company

For the long term

A company serving the marine propulsion industry since 1968

Hydro-Armor is a family business, founded by Christian Quéré in 1968 and now run by Franck and Thierry Quéré.

Marine propulsion for the long term

Since the company’s inception, Hydro-Armor has been providing original solutions to facilitate the work of professionals in the fishing, shipping, river and marine industries.

Based on the implementation of hydraulic technologies, Hydro-Armor’s systems and solutions are designed, engineered, manufactured, tested and developed in the company’s own design office and workshops.

In an ongoing quest for innovation, Hydro-Armor affirms its vocation and mission to provide its customers with long-term marine propulsion solutions.


An expert and passionate team

Extended study capabilities

High technology and creativity are found in every phase of the development process of a new marine propulsion unit.

From the design office to production, from the testing phase to the commissioning of the product, imagination and human skills are at the root of the reliability, power and precision of the thrusters.

Our customer references

An integrated and efficient production tool

For the design and manufacture of its range of marine propulsion systems, Hydro-Armor has an efficient and fully integrated production facility:

Studies & CAD

Precision machining

Marine Boilermaking

Automation & wiring

Assembly & testing


Designed and manufactured in Brittany

All Hydro-Armor systems and solutions are designed and manufactured in Brittany.

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