Control and automation, Power-packs, Marine cranes, Amphibious…

Power Packs

  • Installation on ship deck: complete and tested system before delivery.
  • Machine installation.
  • With or without diesel of our supply.

Control and Automation

  • Sophisticated or very simple system.
  • Possible interface for dynamic positioning.
  • Delivered complete and tested.

Marine cranes

  • The only truly “marine” cranes
  • Wide range from 3 t/m to 40 t/m.
  • Bureau Veritas certification on request.


  • A concept invented by Hydro-Armor
  • 3-wheel system.
  • 4-wheel system.
  • 6-wheel system.

Marine Propulsion

Power Packs

Power packs can also be adapted and configured to your needs:

Pre-assembled and pre-tested elements.

Machine room frame (including without motor).

Motor version with sound insulation.

With Hydro-Armor hydraulic propulsion, you can choose your power pack solution from the simplest to the most elaborate.

Control and Automation

With Hydro-Armor marine propulsion, you can choose the control system best suited to your operating constraints and conditions:

Maneuverability and precision thanks to the automation developed with our partner Hydequip.

Easy to use and very robust in a simplified version for operations in extreme conditions.

Marine cranes

Hydro-Armor designs and manufactures a range of marine cranes from 3 to 40 t/m.

Hydro-Armor marine cranes are adapted to the marine environment, and use specially treated cylinder rods. They can be steered continuously over 360° without dead center and have a high turning moment. The cockpit can be placed on the crane or separately.

Hydro-Armor marine cranes are BV NI 525 approved.


Invented by Christian Quéré in 1977, the amphibious equipment allows to optimize the exploitation of mussel farmers confronted with the problem of the tides.

Designed for use with shallow drafts, Hydro-Armor’s liftable thrusters provide a solution to these operating constraints.

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