Europort 2021: Hydro-Armor previews HBE electric thruster!

Europort Rotterdam 2021: a good exhibition despite the health crisis

The Europort 2021 exhibition in Rotterdam has just ended and will remain a good vintage.

In fact, despite the health crisis, the exhibition recorded a higher attendance than expected.

Preview of the new HBE electric thruster

The Hydro-Armor event was the first public presentation of the new HBE thruster designed and manufactured by Hydro-Armor in Plouezoc’h.

It is an electro-hydraulic thruster type HBE 90, with the following characteristics:

  • Power: 90 kW.
  • Diameter of the propeller : 650 mm.
  • Swivel and tilt.

The HBE thruster is based on technology developed by Hydro-Armor using a high efficiency electric motor, including a proven hydrostatic drive system.

The HBE thruster range will soon be available with power ratings from 30 to 250 kW.

Advantages of HBE marine electric propulsion

Hydro-Armor’s new HBE electric thruster offers the following key benefits:

Complete set in working order.

Easy to install on board for construction sites.

Very low noise level.

Power supply from battery pack and/or generator (in order to benefit from a hybrid mode).

To learn more about the marine propulsion solutions developed by Hydro-Armor :
Hydro-Armor is an innovative family-owned company that designs, develops, produces and markets hydromechanical equipment for marine applications: marine propulsion and complementary equipment. Simplicity, robustness, reliability and efficiency are our reference values for our products and our people.
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