Marine propulsion


Design and manufacturing in Brittany of marine propulsion equipment for the long term.

Applications and markets

  • Aquaculture/Fishing
  • Inland waterways
  • Coastal shipping

Marine propulsion

  • Retractable thrusters
  • Tiltable thrusters
  • Pods
  • Bow thrusters

Systems and solutions

  • Control and automation
  • Power-packs
  • Marine cranes
  • System for amphibious vessel

What is Marine Propulsion ?

Hydro Armor’s hydraulic propulsion units combine manoeuvrability and propulsion.

The transmission of each thruster is hydrostatic driven. The hydraulic drive acts as a torque converter providing unlimited propeller speed control.

The engine runs at constant speed. Depending on the power requested, the engine speed may be adjusted between 1500 and 1800 rpm. Full engine torque is available at any propeller speed. The propeller shaft is directly driven by a hydraulic motor integrated in the pod (the lower foot) of the unit.

The hydrostatic transmission pump is the powerhouse of the hydraulic system. The engine is directly driving the pump. This pump controls the thruster through variable displacement. This means the propeller speed can be accurately controlled anywhere between standstill and maximum, both forward and reverse, without altering engine speed. From full forward to full reverse in a short time.

They feature 180° steering and proportional propeller speed control in forward and reverse, providing omni directional thrust capability.

Marine propulsion markets and applications


Hydro-Armor thrusters are highly valued in the field of fishing and in particular for oyster and shellfish vessels, thanks to their adjustable draught.

Inland waterways

Multiple applications benefit from Hydro-Armor propulsion: passenger and freight transport, ferryboats, ferries, dredgers and service boats, towboats, etc…

Coastal shipping

Hydro-Armor propulsion is perfectly suited for inshore vessels: passenger boats, inter-island transport barges, off-shore and wind farm support, etc…

“Hydro-Armor. For the long term.”

Bundesverband der Deutschen Binnenschifffahrt
Chantier Naval de l'Océan Indien
Compagnie Française du Thon Océanique
Holland Shipyards
Murueta Astilleros
Phares et Balises
Van Oord
Voies Navigables de France

Your partner for the long term

Hydro-Armor is an innovative family-owned company that designs, develops, produces and markets hydromechanical equipment for marine applications: marine propulsion and complementary equipment.

Simplicity, robustness, reliability and efficiency are our reference values for our products and our people.

Marine propulsion: integrated design and manufacturing

An adapted production tool

  • Integrated design office
  • Specialized Boilermaking
  • Integrated machining capability
  • CNC machine tools
  • High-performance assembly workshop
  • Test bench
  • Adapted after-sales service
  • Stock of spare parts available

A mature and functional design

  • Over 50 years of experience.
  • Construction principles: reliability, solidity, simplicity.
  • Simple and low maintenance.
  • Use of standard components for individual solutions.
  • Excellent hydrodynamic efficiency with a personalised bulk without reducer with a highly effective bulb-to-propeller ratio.

Reliable quality products

  • High quality components from renowned manufacturers. ¹
  • Responsible and motivated staff who are proud of work well done.
  • Type approval Bureau Veritas for the whole range.
  • Long partnership with reliable and highly professional manufacturers.
  • Testing of all products at full load.



Sensitive to the protection of the environment

  • Use of biodegradable hydraulic oils.
  • Noise: performance to European standards and approved by certification bodies.
  • Engine operation at optimum torque speed to reduce pollution.
  • Multi-function hydraulic unit for hoists, lifting equipment, pumps, cylinders, etc…
  • Hybrid solutions that can be adapted easily during completion.

Mastering difficult environments

  • Products well suited for operations in shallow waters.
  • Insensitive to propeller shocks and damage thanks to a “hydraulic fuse” and hydraulic torque limiter.
  • Raising to adapt to the draught.
  • Tilting for easy maintenance of the propeller.
  • Maximum engine torque at all speeds and regardless of the vessel load (optimised efficiency over the entire engine range).

Excellent value for money

  • Hydro-Armor: The Right Product at the Right Price
  • The hydrostatic solution is widely used in many industries (lifting, agriculture, construction equipment, …).
  • Mass-produced hydraulic components are available at reasonable prices.
  • The company’s structure is traditionally Lean.
  • The reputation of the company and its products is its best marketing.

The News of the marine propulsion

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